Power your workforce with premium technology

More than ever, your workforce relies on powerful and secure technology. Making an investment in the right tools and devices for your people today will pay dividends over the long term through:

  • improved productivity and collaboration.
  • lowered risk from cybersecurity threats.
  • reduced deployment and support costs.
  • modern troubleshooting tools.

Lexel Systems is proud to be partnering with HP to bring their premium range of HP EliteBooks to organisations throughout New Zealand who want to create long term value from their technology investments.

Choose from these premium devices:

Portable power

The HP Spectre x360 13 redefines what’s possible in a thin and light computer. Powered by Intel® Core™ processors this convertible brings great performance in a small, sleek package.

Dynamic flexibility

The HP EliteBook x360 1030 allows team members to create and present their vision of success with four use modes to get work done, share content, and enjoy some downtime.

Secure connectivity

The HP Elite Dragonfly offers industry-leading security features that create an always-on, always-acting, resilient defence through constantly evolving solutions to help protect your PC from threats.

Pair these devices with your choice of:

HP P224 21.5 inch

HP EliteDisplay E223 21.5 inch

HP EliteDisplay E244 23 inch

HP Pavilion Wireless Keyboard and Mouse 800

HP X4000b Bluetooth Mouse

Create your ideal device fleet

Lexel can help you to create a customised Device Catalogue for your end users to select the ideal device for their role. Lexel’s IT Procurement portal is the ideal tool to deliver this catalogue view, where nominated users can view and directly purchase items, or a bundle of items, that your company chooses as part of its Standard Operating Environment (SOE). With a range of standardised devices to choose from, this delivers a host of benefits such as:


  • faster delivery.
  • lower support costs.
  • faster support times.
  • proactively manage end of life issues.
  • cost savings through bulk buying discounts.
  • centralised management to procurement.
  • end user self-service and automation of requests.
  • enhanced control and governance.

Upgrade to Windows 10

Your outdated devices could be exposing your business to a range of cybersecurity threats. If you haven’t yet upgraded your device fleet to Windows 10, Lexel can help you merge your fleet strategy with a timely upgrade program.

Plan your device strategy with Lexel

Lexel can help you match your budgets to the ideal technology investment strategy. Through our partnership with HP, we can link the benefits of premium devices to real business results. Get in touch with us today to discuss your device fleet strategy, and how you can drive measurable returns from your technology investments.

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    Investing in the right devices provides plenty of returns across productivity, collaboration, security, and reduced complexity.

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