Lexel Device-as-a-Service

The rapid proliferation of devices is creating a growing challenge for efficiently and securely managing your IT environment.

Lexel’s Device as a Service (DaaS) offering is an end-to-end solution that eliminates the complexity of hardware management, device support and analytics, and endpoint configuration – all through a flexible per-device, per-month pricing model.

IT managers spend an average of 14% of their time managing devices, and 50% said they spend too much time managing devices – IDC

Real Business Value

Lexel’s service expertise, combined with HP’s cutting-edge technology tools, allow us to proactively anticipate issues and continuously optimise your device performance – freeing up your IT managers to focus on the activities that drive real business value.

Lexel’s DaaS offering enables real-time analytics, reports and insights – leveraging HP TechPulse asset management software to deliver the visibility and peace of mind you need in your device management policies.

Key Features

Reduced Complexity

IT managers can gain full visibility of their device landscape and the tools to make proactive decisions and drive their technology agenda.

Simplified Costs

A simplified cost structure that covers devices, software, and management can be adjusted on a month to month basis.

Advanced Security

Advanced security measures proactively monitor users and devices in real time to ensure device and data access is legitimate, and that proper protocols are being followed.

Complete Visibility

With analytics and reporting capabilities from HP TechPulse, hardware and software reports allow you to get an overview of performance, inventory and security.

Device Lifecycle

Services for every stage of the device lifecycle – From discovery of devices to factory customisation and ongoing optimisation, Lexel covers every stage of the device lifecycle, from planning and implementation all the way through to safe disposal.

Demystifying DaaS

Ivan explains how much his day-to-day life has changed for the better thanks to DaaS. The solution saves him so much effort and time, he is free to do the important work that drives the business forward.

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